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The Music

Over the years, I have played in a ton of fun bands for the young and old.

Music for people of all ages:

Phil-in-the-Blank: Without collaborators, walls, or pigeon holes, the music of Phil-in-the-blank was created by Phil, for Phil, and pretty much about Phil and his perspective on life, love and everything in between. The name came from guest Phil-ing in on WERS FM with deejay Benjamino.

Tune Buggy: Phil and Sarah Wappler of Parade Hill Music decided that kids music doesn’t have to be childish. They formed Punk Buggly with father Jaysnlee. With the addition of vocalist and bassist Jen Quinlivan, the band naturally transmogrified into a Tune Buggy. The rest is history.

Music for adults:

The Mango Wranglers: This improvisational, potty-mouthed jam-n-groove rock “audio train-wreck” (according to the bar manager at The Blue Mermaid) is not for the faint of heart and NOT ADVISED FOR CHILDREN.

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